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The NEW Elevator Pitch | Foreword by Jeffrey Hayzlett - The NEW Elevator Pitch


The NEW Elevator Pitch

Foreword by Jeffrey Hayzlett

Business & Marketing Authority, Bestselling Author & Sometime Cowboy

Quite frankly, I’m amazed at the number of intelligent people I know in business who don’t have a decent elevator pitch.

I’ve sat through thousands of sales presentations with 100 + Power Point slides and wondered afterward, “I don’t get it. What is it you do?” Forget the pretty slides showing your biggest clients, the awards you received last year….what’s your unique value proposition ?…what’s the value you’re going to provide to me as a potential customer? And make it quick!

It’s time to rethink our sales strategy; it’s time to drive change and grow.

The simple fact of the matter is: no matter what your occupation, you sell something every day. Maybe its new technology, or brand management, or just a great idea about where to go to dinner in New York City (believe me, I can run that one down for you). Change and success in business is like breathing and fogging the mirror; you’ve got to do it to survive, and it’s a constant. If you don’t–you’re dead.

Sales and growth are the only way to build the future of your business. It’s the only way to engage others in your ideas, your brand, your YOU. What’s the point of driving change in your personal life, your professional life, your company or your team, if you can’t get out there and build on your success?

Do you want to engage, persuade and influence? Guess what: you don’t have a choice! You have to do all three, if you want to lead, drive change, and grow profits.

My first book, The Mirror Test, outlines my concept of the 118 Pitch – a modern version of the traditional elevator pitch. The 118 Pitch originates from the premise you have 8 seconds to hook them and 110 seconds to drive it home. The response to the need for a 118 Pitch – where you promote and sell what your company offers in the span of an elevator ride– was tremendous!

Simply, your 118 Pitch must do the following:

Grab the attention of your prospect.
• Convey who you are.
• Describe what your business offers.
• Explain the promises you will deliver on.

Running the Gauntlet, my most recent book, further emphasizes the significance of developing a powerful and concise 118 pitch. Anyone in business must lead change by eating, living, breathing and saying who you are and what you do. Be clear on the message that exemplifies everything about your business – and you – in a way that grabs my attention!

You know what grabs attention? Getting back to your core, your authentic message. A brand isn’t only what you put on a cow. In business, a brand is a promise delivered. Deliver on your promise! Understanding your most basic message is the best way to drive change.

In my own business, I challenge my team to be clear on the value we deliver. In your own 118 Pitch, be clear on the value you offer, get others engaged, and embrace change.

Passion is no substitute for planning, and expressing your value in 118 seconds is your mission. Doesn’t matter if your business is rounding up cattle or sitting behind a desk in the C-Suite– know it well or your offer will be buried in the noise of everyday business. You can’t close because you haven’t even opened the conversation.

When you know your story, and educate your prospect with radical transparency, communicate it with authenticity, your clients and associates feel it. They become excited, engaged and eventually evangelists for your company and brand.

For those of you who don’t already know, Chris Westfall won our very first “118 Pitch Contest”. (Check it out on YouTube). Chris’ pitch blew me away. It’s clear he understands and demonstrates the effectiveness of a strong 118 Pitch. He truly gets it! Learn more, saddle up and read on my friend.

Jeffrey Hayzlett

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